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10 Mar 2014: Search bar function fixed.

14 Dec 2013: We have new address: Old address is redirected to new address! Xmas is coming!

31 Dec 2012: Happy new year 2013!

15 Dec 2012: Site down for maintenance ~ 20 minutes. Back online now!

17 Dec 2011: Something wrong with short links service. It shows “Sorry, we could not resolve that url.”. If you see this error, you can directly visit and type CODE of movies you want to search box.

10 Dec 2011: Be back now! I miss all of you! πŸ˜€

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6 Oct 2011: Back to my homeland. We may be busy 2-3 days!

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23 Apr 2011: “FileServe is currently under maintenance.” –

4 Apr 2011: How to see Megaupload links? Click here! (only Censored movies supported)

30 Mar 2011: Ok, after 1 week, Ali – censored JAV uploader be back. All new movies will come with Fileserve, Filesonic, Bitshare and Megaupload links. And, all censored movies will be posted on – sister of Khikhicuoi’s Blog and we will index and merge some movies into 1 post on Khikhicuoi. If you want to see Megaupload links, you must comment at the movie you want at (only new censored movies from now), Megaupload will be added later. At this time, our recommendation is register Fileserve and Filesonic for short term from 3 months to 6 months only because we cant guarantee what filehosting we will support for long time πŸ™‚ (please support us by registering via our ref link on Khikhicuoi or TopJav )

25 Mar 2011: As you may know, Hotfile is deleting much Uploader accounts (included our accounts) and most of site stay way from them. After much time discussion, we decide to STOP uploading files to Hotfile from now! And, all of current Hotfile links on Khikhicuoi’s Blog will be redirected to Khikhicuoi’s 404 Error Page. We dont want Hotfile appear on our network anymore πŸ™‚ We will bring Megaupload back on some of our posts everyday. Cheers!

20 Mar 2011: Pray for Japan, Donation for Japan:
“Hera are the useful links if you want to donation to support Japanese people
Google :
American Red Cross :
IFRC : ”

11 Mar 2011: PHP-CGI go into trouble, server rebooted

9 Mar 2011:Katz dead! Katz’s Logos removed.
“What initially started out as a compromise has lead to an internal disagreement to the sites operation. There are many rumors floating around and even news articles, though I cannot say many are even close to the truth and it is far more complicated than what it seems.

Following many hours of discussions and ideas we’ve not been able to come to an agreement.

From this point on, Katz Downloads will cease to operate. The closure is permanent.

It’s important to remember that WJunction has no direct links to the Katz Network and it’s been nothing more than a support forum. WJunction will continue to operate as usual.

We have no bearing on this besides requesting that the Katz Downloads section shortly be removed.

Thank you. ” _ Source

7 Mar 2011:Happy Women’s Day!

14 Feb 2011: Happy Valentine Day!

10 Feb 2011: Reuploading Tora-Tora Gold Series (by kkc).

09 Feb 2011: Khikhicuoi.Us was under massive Ddos Attack. Our tech admin solved this.

30 Jan 2011: Server Upgrade Completed. CPU: Xeon E5620, Ram: 4GB DDR3, HDD: 500GB Raid 10, 1Gbps Port. Thanks for some anonymous donations every month which keep Khikhicuoi’s Blog alive.

27 Jan 2011: Welcome ALI – new jav uploader to Khikhicuoi.Us. ALI will share tons of Japan Adult Censored Movie to us (~10-20 movies/day) Wowww! . Let’s welcome him πŸ™‚

25 Jan 2011: Reuploading Kamikaze Girls Series

19 Jan 2011: New category added: Gallery.

18 Jan 2011: Full Year 2010 Issues Collection: Young Gangan & M!.

15 Jan 2011: Ultimate Top of Beauty (UTB) 2010 Full Issues Collection.

14 Jan 2011: Playboy Issues: Serbia 2010 & Slovenia 2010 & Argentina 2009 & Estonia 2008.

13 Jan 2011: 2010 Playboy Issues: Croatia & USA & Netherlands & Romania & Playboy’s Lingerie.

12 Jan 2011: 2010 Issues Collection: Entertainment Dash.

11 Jan 2011 – update 2: 2010 Issues Collection: Friday & Young Animal Storm.

11 Jan 2011 – update 1: Blocked IP: due to Spam + Leech. Added Katz & Phaze buttons.

10 Jan 2011: Re-uploading Red Hot Fetish Collection.

09 Jan 2011: Create new category name “Magazines“, updating…

04 Jan 2011: Khikhicuoi.Us is moved to new server.

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  1. Hi,I’m looking for an actress’s movie who name is ε°ε‹ι‡ŒγΎγ“ (Mako Koyuri). I don’t whether you have or not.If you have ,please send links to my e-mail,Thank you !!!

  2. yes, Admin, I would highly recommend you to store or upload the movies in the as the alternative mirror. Megaupload doesnt have strict regulation regarding file deletion.

  3. Hey we know that you make less money on Megaupload but could you please upload there too? Or is also okay

    Fileserve deletes the files after 2 days and Filesonic is slow and the connection resets often.

    Last year your blog was great with megaupload and but now I rather download the files with torrent or Emule from other sites. Better then fileserve or filesonic crap.

  4. hi,
    I’m really interesting of BJES and DEST movie series of beautyful woman estetic massage, hope that I can find it here in your best website.
    Best regards and GBJapan

  5. when i unrar downloaded iso file, i have “packed data CRC failed in volume xxx” error then the movie can’t not be watched … it is bit annoying spending times downloading the file then can’t not use it. any suggestion to get over this ? many thanks

  6. I am looking for “Tora-Tora Gold Vol.95 – Yuri Kousaka” πŸ™ all link are dead … can u reuload this movie, thank you

  7. Please fix your search facility. When you search for the actress’s name, the first returned page presents the correct result. But when you click on or access the second and subsequent pages, it just presents the second page of the home page videos, etc.

    Please fix this since it will help users find all the videos of the searched actresses.

    Thanks for a good and useful web site. Thanks for your help and cooperation

  8. The Url for the video below doesn’t
    not work. Please corrrect.

    Tokyo Hot k0970 – Emiri Nishiyama
    by khikhicuoi February 27, 2014 Uncensored

    Thanks for your help and an excellent web

  9. The Ryushare links are not working with the following
    error message below.

    502 Bad Gateway

    Is this a temporary problem or are they going
    out of business.

    If they are becoming unreliable or having problems,
    would you recommend users of this page switch to
    the other service which is not Ryushare?

  10. I noticed all the download links are now through Uploadable instead of Ryushare. . . Will this be a permanent change?

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